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Private Coaching with Sonia

Lets work together one on one to get you losing weight and comfortable in your own skin again.

How wonderful would it be to gain more confidence so you can get up in front of your students and teach like your hair is on fire?

How would it feel to have more energy so that you're motivated to plan engaging lessons that are meaningful and fun for your students? 

How would it feel to be more productive so you can have some set time in the day that's set aside just for you?

I can help you get from feeling fed up to your gas tank full again in 6 months. 

Hi there, I'm Sonia Dhaliwal


 I've been in your shoes- I remember feeling like a frumpy older woman who hid behind baggy cardigans, slacks, and had to wear clogs with inserts so that my feet didn't give out. I remember trying to pass through desks and worried I'd get stuck as I made my way to conference with students. Forget kneeling down to their level quickly or having to sit on the floor with them for an extended period of time- my body couldn't handle it. I remember thinking my maternity clothes are really no different from my regular clothes- the size was almost the same. 


Now, after playing around with different ways of eating, journaling what foods make me feel energized, and after having the pressure to count calories or track points lifted, I am FINALLY feeling like my age. Losing 50 lbs has made me the mom I want to be because I can actually play games and run with my kiddos. I learned there's no one size fits all way to eating and tackling weight loss, because I had to experiment a bit. Allowing myself that freedom to play with what works for me has been a game changer. I can help other teacher moms navigate their journey so that they can actually begin to put themselves first for once.

I help teacher moms lose weight so they can feel comfortable in their own skin again.

Working together we will start off by getting to know a little bit about your health history so that I can become familiar with past diets you've done and we can weed out what worked and what didn't feel the most comfortable.

After journaling food for a few weekdays and weekend days,  we will make a plan to slowly focus on whole foods that make you feel your very best.

As you start to get comfortable with your plate, we will tackle efficient meal prepping and organization strategies so that you don't have to wonder what to make each day.

As we navigate what's on your plate, we will also dive into what's not on your plate that could be leading to weight loss struggles. 

And most importantly, I’ll be beside you celebrating every win along the way and be believing in you when your belief in yourself falters.

Your investment for 24 sessions of weekly coaching sessions is $1800

Working together looks like:

  • 24 sessions

  • 50 min each

  • food journal included

  • recipe suggestions

  • virtual pantry and fridge makeover

  • virtual grocery store tour

  • phone messaging in between sessions





Ready to get the conversation started? First step is to book a 45 minute discovery call. During this conversation we will get clarity on why you're feeling stuck in your weight loss journey.

Your Investment: $1800
(Payment plans available)

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