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I think I can...I think I can...

As a former teacher, I am a big lover of children's' books. My favorite subjects to teach were reading and writing. I thought about becoming a writing coach because I loved writer's workshop so much. I was good at it and could bring so much of myself and my motivational side to it- the kids loved it and would cheer when it was writing time and reading time. I think that says a lot about what we put into something if we can make it so motivational and enjoyable for others.

So as I was reading to my little one year old tonight, I was thinking about this. He hadn't heard The Little Engine that Could and since we had just organized the kids' books this weekend, that book stuck out to me. I thought he just has to hear this because what kid hasn't heard this classic?

Growing up this book had the message of "go out and persevere" for me. Whatever we put our heart and soul into, is more likely to happen. As I read this book tonight, I was thinking even deeper about the message and wondered why don't more us think like this little engine when it comes to our health?

We are so hard on ourselves! A lot of times we rely on others to give us the cheerleader talk, but folks let's face it...when it comes to weight loss we have to be our own cheerleader. No one is going to care so much about our emotions and health as much as we are. And truthfully, I don't think we really are looking for someone to change our minds, I think we want someone who's going to agree with us.

We are in charge of our own thoughts and what we put up there in our brain, is how it's going to go. If we think "we might be able to do this" then our chances are mediocre, but if we say "I know I have the capability to lose weight," then our chances are much higher at achieving the goals we set.

Don't wait on someone around you to be on board with your decision- you might be waiting a while. And it's ok if they aren't. You can't blame others if they are having a different story than you. We are in charge of our own happiness and I know that's a cliche statement, but it's so damn true. If I had waited for my husband or family to believe in my weight loss this year, especially with some dietary changes I was making, I'd still be where I was at a few years back. They thought it was nuts at first and why would I want to make the swaps I was making. I was hearing about benefits and the long-run scope from physicians and nutritionists. I felt deep down in my bones that what I was hearing is true and I wanted to try it, I had to. Because I had such a deep emotion about it, and told myself I just had to try this for my sake, my beliefs in myself came true for the first time.

You see, in years past I desperately wanted someone to do "the program" with me whether it was a gym buddy, counting points, or even just keeping a food journal. I saw couples who went to Weight Watchers meetings together and would think they must have it all. That's why they had to be successful. I knew in my house that was not going to happen because the viewpoints here were just too different. So when I joined IIN to study nutrition, I didn't have the expectation that anyone would join- I was doing this for ME! I didn't feel pressure from outside sources, nor was I accountable to anyone except myself.

Yes, I did have my best friend on board and when I later decided I wanted to become a health coach too, she was on board with that as well. I do think having 1 person supporting you in some shape or form is super helpful, but they don't have to be someone who lives with you. I felt the community at IIN was behind me as well. I would share my success on our private Facebook group and the feedback was so heartwarming. Your support can come from a colleague, spouse, friend, coach, doctor, or even a complete stranger. Deep down though, you are going to be your biggest fan and that will show as you conquer your goals.

It's about having that mindset in the right place- in a place that's coming from self-love. It will take time for you to figure out exactly how you want this to play out and this doesn't mean once your mindset is there it will be easy. With some grace & reminding yourself "I think I can...I think I can," you can make the changes happen.

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