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Meal Planning Basics
FREE Workshop

Do you find yourself getting frustrated each night with what to make for dinner?

Exhausted from winging it? Tired after teaching all day and having to come home and cook from zero?

It can feel so overwhelming! 

I hear you. After meeting with clients, chasing a toddler and kiddo around, sometimes dinner is the last thing I want to even deal with. Some days I don't feel like I am doing anything 100% and I'm stretching myself too thin. 

I do know that having solid meal plans can take you from dreading the kitchen to having easy and healthy options to grab for any meal. This doesn't involve anything expensive nor fancy. 

Healthy Food

When it comes to feeding our family, flying by the seat of our pants gets...

  • expensive

  • repetitive

  • unhealthy

  • stressful

What if you could meal plan so your meals take 15 min at most, instead of an hour?

What if you could quickly assemble whole food meals that offer flexibility both for busy schedules and for picky eaters? 

What if these strategies could save you money?   

I know life happens, and frozen meals from Trader Joes happen, but at least if we start with a plan half the work is done for us. And we're more likely to make choices our body is happy with.

I work from a well stocked pantry, a fist full of easy, whole food recipes, and I have learned how to stock my freezer with "meals on the fly".  

This is what I can teach you!  Join me . . . 

January 21 @ 8:00 AM (PST)

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